Child Who Inherited His Parent’s Leaning Disability Enters The Top 100 Smartest People In The World

Before he was a super genius, Jonathan was a child who couldn’t even remember what he did in the last two seconds. Born to parents who both had learning disabilities, Jonathan struggled in his earlier years as he inherited a far more extreme learning disability than both of his parents ever had. After being struck with a terrible seizure, several doctors even told them that he could never walk, talk, or learn for the rest of his life.

Since then, his parents brought him to a remote area where they would dote on Jonathan, making the best memories together while they still can. It was then that a doctor heard about Jonathan’s case and offered his help. Dr. Evans, the world’s most renowned neurologist had paid close attention to Jonathan’s condition and might have found the solution to his plight. He has treated over 350 people with extreme conditions, similar to Jonathan, for over 30 years and have discovered the secret to curing Jonathan’s declining mental state. Not only did his technique give Jonathan a chance to live a normal life, he also became a super genius.

The Fragility of the Mind

Image 1: CT scan of brain deterioration over time

The brain is a unique organ. It is the control center of our body that commands any and all function, voluntary and involuntary. Many don’t realize it, but people’s brains across the world are slowly deteriorating with every passing hour. Since the brain has no pain receptors, many people fail to realize that they are developing an issue until it’s too late. Most develop severe issues later in life, few develop them in their childhood, and even few still develop them while in the womb before birth.

This often leads to people having difficulty retaining any information past a few minutes. At times, it hinders speech, slowing mental processes, or shutting the brain down altogether.

The Silent Cause

There are many factors that needs to be considered to properly determine the cause of a deteriorating brain. It can be related to age, lack of exercise, hereditary, birth defects, genetic errors that happen while your body produces more cells, or the brain has been starved for oxygen for too long.

Image 2: The Cerebral Cortex

The most vulnerable part of the brain is the cerebral cortex as it is the largest portion of the brain and is therefore more likely to receive damage over time. This is where the human’s cognitive ability such as memorization, learning capabilities, decision making, emotion, and even personality takes place.

As it deteriorates, people would lose these functions gradually. This deterioration can lead to severe headaches as the cerebral cortex, acting akin to a protective barrier to the brain, can cause neuron and pain receptors to misfire; oftentimes causing terrible migraines. This also result in slower brain functions as the neurons that passed on electric signals no longer exist.

Many describe their situation as being lost in the midst of a stormy sea with no direction to go. At this stage, their mental clarity has long faded away, they become easily confuse, quick to anger, and are more likely to experience untriggered psychogenic blackouts.

Image 3: Brain scans of different mental illnesses and their effects on the brain

Yet, these are only the milder symptoms. If it is not stopped, it can lead to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer, dementia, schizophrenia, and even depression.

A Ray of Hope

But not all is lost! As science and technology advances, we slowly understand the natural world around us. Recent studies prove that we can reverse damage and prevent the spread of neurodegenerative diseases with an ancient herb.

Once used by the ancient Greeks as a medicine to treat skin infection, Geranium has been discovered to reverse damage done on to the brain and prevent it from receiving any more damage.

It contains three potent chemical compounds that makes restoration possible: geraniol, citronellol, and linalool.


Geraniol is a monoterpene alcohol that is derived from the essential oils of aromatic plants that has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and neuroprotective properties.


This compound significantly decreases blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate after inhalation. Subjectively, participants reported feeling in a better mood and fresher. Further research proved that citronella reduces muscle spasm in the brain that eases the intensity and frequency and of headaches.


Linalool works as a natural sedative or natural anxiolytic. It is found in nature and can help calm an overactive nervous system, decreasing the chances of seizures, anxiety symptoms or stress. Recently. It was revealed that it can reverse the damage done to the brain.

Never Experience a Dark Day Again After 7 Days

Joseph is 65-year-old grandfather who lovingly dotes on his granddaughter and grandson. He is known for his incredible strategy in chess games and witty jokes at the dinner table. However, recently, his loved ones noticed that his mind seems to be slipping. He began to become more forgetting the name of his wife, children, and even his beloved grandchildren. One time, while watching a movie in their living room, Joseph, slumped over and passed out. Nobody realized it yet, but he had just experienced a stroke, and he had lost his ability to speak, move, and nearly lost all of his memories. All seemed lost as he became more confused and irrational with each day, until he tried Vitrov™.

Here is a detail account of his miraculous recovery documented by his son after using Vitrov™.

Day 1

In just a few minutes of using Vitrov™, Joseph became calmer, had less panic and anxiety attacks. His recovery was slow, but people noticed that he was moving some part of his body, despite it being little twitches. He was able to turn his head and speak but only in hushed mumbles. It may seem insignificant, but everyone cheered as it was the first time, he was able to move some parts of his body since having a stroke.

Day 4

Since his continued use, Joseph had experience incredible improvement. Doctors were baffled as they tried to determine what was the cause of this miraculous recovery. The damage to his brain was undetectable and can no longer be seen, which prompted the doctors to conduct further test until they discharged him sighting no further issues. It was at this time that Joseph began remembering everyone’s names and speaking their names, albeit he still experienced some stuttering.

Day 7

Since using Vitrov™, Joseph has been nothing but all smiles since his discharge! As he recovered at home, he was able to have full on conversations with his family once more. Concerned for his wellbeing, his family told him not to strain his head too much as he’s still recovering, but he said he never felt any better. One morning, the family woke up to the sound of music coming from the living room piano. They noticed everyone was accounted for, except Joseph. When they went down to check, they discovered that it was Joseph who was playing. It was shocking because he never played piano once in his entire life until now.

40% of the entire population will or is currently experiencing some form deterioration, often in the form of memory loss. That’s roughly around 3.2 billion of the world’s population.

Don’t take what you have for granted, nurture and protect it. Explore the limitless potential growth with Vitrov™ and experience a brighter tomorrow.

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